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Ghost Hunting Experiences

Paranormal Eye UK  providing unique and exciting ghost hunting experiences for over the past eight years.

We have held hundreds of ghost hunting events our team consists of Spiritual Mediums, lead investigators and Co Hosts. Our team have accompanied thousands of guests from many countries to some of most haunted locations in the UK.

At Paranormal EYE UK, we aim to provide the best ghost hunting experiences in spooky locations from old mansions to historical medieval castles.

If you are looking for the most haunted and spine tingling ghost night, then you can be a part of our ghost hunting events and lift the veil of buried secrets of the many haunted places. we offer ghost nights ,experiences, ghost hunt experiences, ghost hunting events, and ghost hunting sleepovers.

Talking about our ghost hunting experiences, our customers have always been amazed by the locations we visit, Many of them arrange a return visit with us, and we pride ourselves on many guests returning on future ghost hunts. 

Furthermore, our ghost hunting events are strictly compliant with all safety measures. For your exciting night of searching for ghosts, we have an extensive database that contains a list of haunted locations across the UK. You can select and arrange a special ghost hunting night and be part of a truly unique and terrifying ghost hunt.

To provide you with the best and exciting ghost hunting experiences, the Paranormal EYE UK Team make ghost hunting a memorable adventure for all guests. We welcome all our customers to be a part of the ghost night experiences.

Let's hunt together!