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ghost hunts, Anninson Funeral Ghost Hunts

Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Nights With Paranormal Eye Uk / Annison Funeral Parlour Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts at Annison’s funeral parlour leave many guests on edge. Dark ghostly shadows are often seen wandering through the courtyard. Many ghost hunters have fled the old former mortuary as reports of being grabbed are a common occurrence. Are you ready to face your fears and enter this former funeral parlour to be part of this fantastic and intense ghost night? It is claimed that the ghost of Mary haunts the Annison building to this day and has been seen by many visitors and staff who visit or work in the building.

If this is something that you are brave enough to do, now is your chance. An overnight ghost hunt at Annison Funeral Parlour awaits you and all the spirits and ghosts that linger within the building. The staff who work in the downstairs pharmacy are terrified and would never dream of going upstairs alone in this scary place. This location is reputed to be the most haunted building in Yorkshire, with ghost sightings that would leave chills down your spine! Why not be part of this unique ghost night / ghost hunting experience in Hull. 

History of Annison Funeral 

However, this terrible tale does not end there as some believe that Mary may have been the victim of a known serial killer and Jack the Ripper suspect, Frederick Bailey Deeming. Deeming was a renowned criminal and murderer who had murdered his first wife and four children and buried them under the floorboards in their house in Merseyside. Coincidentally Deeming had just been released after serving time in Hull Jail under the name of Harry Lawson and was free and out in the streets at the time of the murder. According to local writer, historian and paranormal investigator Mike Covell, there were newspaper reports of the time that linked Deeming to the murder of Mary.

Deeming was a seafarer and is known to have travelled all over the country and across the world. He had murdered his family in Merseyside by slitting their throats, and the same fate befell the woman he married in Australia, whose murder finally had him brought to justice. Deeming was eventually caught and arrested in March 1892 in Perth, Western Australia. Among the various news reports about Deeming and his reign of terror across the world, there were stories that he\'d spent time in Whitechapel during 1888 and that he had supposedly confessed to fellow prisoners during one period in prison that he was indeed Jack the Ripper. At his trial in Australia, the jury took little more than an hour to find him guilty, and Deeming was hanged on Monday, May 23rd, 1892.

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