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Staffordshire Ghost Hunts, Anzio Army camp Ghost Hunts

Anzio Army Camp Leek Ghost Hunt

Anzio Army Camp Ghost Hunts / Staffordshire Ghost Hunts / Leek Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Hunts at this old site will certainly give you a taste of exploring after dark for the paranormal. This vast old site is any ghost hunter’s dream with many disused buildings. previous ghost hunts, many guests have reported disembodied screams, cries and voices. Some guests have even said being grabbed, shadows and figures have been seen lurking in the dark, eerie corridors

This location is said to have had a very dark and sinister history. Join the paranormal eye team on this ghost hunt. We invite you to explore the many dark, eerie corridors, hidden rooms, old bunkers, kitchens, medical buildings, and the former accommodation block.

Are you ready to see who is haunting this location? Join the team as we invite you to explore and investigate this old haunted site and be part of this ghost hunting event.

History Of Anzio Army Camp 

Originally built in 1943 as a transit camp for United States Army anti-aircraft battalions, in 1946, Polish troops took it over from Italy, and other Polish troops arrived later.

After the war, the camp continued as a Polish civilian settlement until 1964, when those living there were rehoused on a new estate to the north.

In the early 1980s, the site was cleared, and in 1983 Anzio Camp was opened there as a training camp for use by the regular army, the TA and scouts.

Finally closing in 2004 as being surplus to requirements by the M.O.D.

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