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Avenue House Ghost Hunts, London Ghost Hunts, Overnight Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunting Events

Avenue House - Finchley Ghost Hunts 

London Ghost Hunts 

Avenue House Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Events / Haunt Nights 

Avenue House Ghost Hunts With paranormal Eye UK 

Avenue House is situated in Finchley with a history of over 1000 years. Ghost hunts at this haunted location can be terrifying. Are you ready to have your ghost hunting experience at this haunted house? Many paranormal occurrences such as mysterious footsteps, feelings of being watched, cold spots, and even light anomalies visible to the naked eye have been witnessed at the notoriously haunted Avenue House.

Avenue is reputed as haunted and well known to many paranormal investigators for its large corridors. The multi-roomed cellar is haunted by several unhappy spirits who always seem happy to interact with them. With the lights switched off, who’s hand will you grab when the unexpected happens? Join the paranormal eye team as we invite you to be part of this overnight ghost hunt. 

History Of Avenue House

Avenue House is a Grade II listed Victorian mansion. The house’s history goes back centuries with the land on which the house sits granted to the Knights Templars in 1243, from which the old name for the land, Temple Croft Fields, originates.

From 1312 the land belonged to the Knights Hospitallers until Henry VIII seized their estates in 1540. The land then passed through various hands until 1732 when it was bought by Thomas Allen, whose family were Lords of the manor of Finchley, who built the existing estate. A relative of the Allen family, Rev. Edward Cooper, built a villa on the site in 1859. This house later became known as Avenue House. The house takes its name from The Avenue, which runs behind the house and is originally the route between Bibbesworth Manor and the church of St Mary’s Finchley.

Henry 'Inky' Stephens

In 1874 Avenue house was bought by the famous ink manufacturer Henry Charles Stephens. During Stephens' residency, he purchased the adjoining ten-acre Temple Croft Field and laid out the gardens to designs by Robert Marnock. The house and grounds were left to the 'people of Finchley' in trust with the Finchley Urban District Council (UDC) by Stephens in his will in 1918, with the condition that they always are open for the use and enjoyment of the public, subject to reasonable regulation.

Twentieth-century history

Due to need after the first World War, the RAF used the estate between 1919 and 1925 as a military hospital before the grounds were eventually opened to the public in May 1928. The house was used for many years as a public library and as the offices of Finchley Borough Council after Council Offices in nearby Hendon Lane were destroyed by enemy action in the Second World War. The basement was used as an air-raid shelter.

In 1989 the building was gutted by fire but refurbished to retain its character and updated to provide modern and comfortable facilities for conferences, exhibitions and functions for businesses and families, particularly weddings.

Avenue House in the twenty-first century

In 2002, Avenue House Estate Trust took over the estate management from the London Borough of Barnet. In 2014 the estate became Stephens House and Gardens better to interpret its history and facilities.

This Event Includes 

Exclusive access after dark to this location

Working in Small Groups, Using array of different equipment and techniques

Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

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