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Belgrave hall Ghost Hunts, Leicester Ghost Hunts, Leicestershire Ghost Hunts, overnight ghost hunts

Belgrave Hall - Leicester Ghost Hunts 

Belgrave Hall is arguably Leicester's most famous haunted landmark. Since the last tenants vacated the premises in 1936, rumours of paranormal activity have been rife. Belgrave Hall was thrust into the spotlight when security cameras recorded two misty images in 1998. CCTV footage showed a six-foot-tall white figure hovering outside a rear window of the property before disappearing over a nearby wall; many believe this to be Charlotte Ellis, one of the previous resident John Ellis' seven daughters. However, why Charlotte has been named the ghost rather than any of her six sisters remains unknown. Staff and guests have also reported inexplicable shadows and cooking odours floating throughout the building, while they also report hearing mysterious footsteps on the upper floors.

Visitors to the hall continue to report paranormal experiences, from sudden temperature changes to the feeling of being watched.

The ‘Victorian Lady’ has often been heard walking around the upstairs of Belgrave Hall, and on occasions, fleeting glimpses of her have been witnessed by staff and many visitors. A dark figure of a gentleman and children is among many unexplained sightings here. On occasions, the aroma of cooking has been smelt within the Hall when nothing has been cooked. The smells are usually of fresh bread, stewed fruit and gingerbread – all generally referred to as ‘old fashioned’ cooking methods. Doors closing and opening have been reported from unforeseen hands. Belgrave Hall is now a grade II listed property and was constructed in 1709 as a family residence before becoming a museum in 1936. This is a location to investigate for anyone seeking answers or evidence from the paranormal.

History Of Belgrave Hall 

Belgrave Hall is a historic house, providing an oasis of peace in a busy city.

The hall was built in the early 18th century in what was then a small village three miles from the town of Leicester. Now city traffic passes, almost unnoticed, just beyond the garden walls.

Edmund Cradock, a hosiery merchant, built Belgrave Hall but died soon after completion. The Hall has had several owners, including John Ellis, a wealthy businessman responsible for bringing the railways to Leicester.

Belgrave Hall was built as a substantial family home between 1709 and 1713 by Edmund Cradock, a Leicester hosiery merchant, on a site adjacent to Belgrave Church. At the time, Belgrave was a small village three miles from Leicester, between the roads to Loughborough and Lincoln, and Belgrave Hall set the trend for wealthy business people to build themselves out-of-town houses in the area. Fronting onto Church Road, the house is a three-storey building in an unadorned classical style, from blue and red bricks, laid in Flemish bond, creating a chequered pattern. There are lead rainwater heads with the Craddock family crest, some of which have a 1709 date and others 1713. This unusually long construction period, along with brickwork and ground-plan irregularities on the south side, may imply a re-design or halt to construction while the building is underway. The road frontage has imposing wrought iron gates which incorporate an 'EC' monogram leading to a recessed doorway, and a brick parapet which hides the three hipped gables of the roof, creating a very rectangular façade 

This Event Includes 

A brief introduction from us, followed by lights on the walk of the venue to familiarise yourself with any areas of interest for the night

Psychic and ghost hunting equipment experiments including seances and glass divination,

Ghost hunting vigils in the dark,

Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions

Complimentary tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening.

Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.


Belgrave Hall Ghost hunts, Leicestershire Ghost Hunts, Haunt Nights Uk, Overnight ghost hunts,
Leicestershire Ghost Hunts, Belgrave hall Ghost Hunts, Haunt Nights Uk, Overnight Ghost Hunts
Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunts , Leicester Ghost Hunts, Leicestershire Ghost Hunts

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