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Buckingham Old Gaol Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunts, Buckinghamshire, Ghost Nights Buckingham

Buckingham Old Gaol Ghost Hunts

Buckinghamshire Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts at Buckingham old gaol can be a genuinely terrifying experience, a location reputed as haunted and has received hundreds of reports of strange happenings. With over 270 years of history, many being cruel and harsh kept within the walls of the cells were murderers, counterfeiters, poachers and thieves. They lived on water, bread, soup, and gruel with horrendous conditions. There have been many deaths here in this old gaol; the gaol is a dark, dismal place, dark ghostly shadows have been seen here, the sound of heavy footsteps are heard wandering the dark, eerie cell corridors many believe the jail keeper haunts this area. Ghost hunts here can be a frightening experience as visitors here have reported the feeling of a vile man invading their personal space, whistles are heard along with an apparition of a young man seen dressed in period clothing. Can you be part of this overnight ghost hunt at one of Buckingham`s most haunted locations?

Join the team on this ghost hunting experience at Buckingham Old Gaol 

History Of Buckingham Old Gaol 

The Old Gaol was built in 1748 for Richard Grenville Temple, Lord Viscount of Cobham. (Sir ) George Gilbert Scott, born in Gawcott, added Cells and a Gaoler’s house in 1839. Many prisoners were held and kept within this old goal in damp, cold and chilling cells; no heating was provided, nor was any lighting or toilet facilities. The harsh conditions meant that many people held here sadly lost their lives because they were only fed on bread, soup, gruel, and water; the meat was only given to the many inmates on high days.

The many prisoners exercised in the roofless yard and spent hard times in the punishment cell for misdemeanours.

There are many reported deaths here in gaol, other prisoners escaped over the wall, and another walked out when the gaoler went home and forgot to lock the door. The former Gaol is haunted and has received hundreds of reports of strange happenings over the years.

The building has also been used as a police station, a fire station, an air-raid shelter and an ammunition store. In 1984, after several demolition threats, the building was bought for a song by a charitable trust and saved for the town.

It is now run and maintained by volunteers.

This Event Includes 

Access to the old goal after dark

Spiritual medium during the investigation

Complimentary tea, coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

Participate in small groups

Please remember to bring your torch as these are required at all our events. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues.


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When you make a booking with us, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you can make the event date that you have booked. Paranormal eye cannot offer a refund or transfer your places onto another event date if you or any of your party are unable to attend.



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Buckingham Old Gaol Ghost hunts, Buckingham Ghost Hunts, Overnight Ghost Hunts
Buckingham Old Gaol Ghost Hunts
Buckingham old goal ghost hunts, Buckingham ghost hunts

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