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castle Coch Ghost hunts, Cardiff Ghost Hunts, Wales Ghost Hunts

Castle Coch Cardiff Ghost Hunts 

Join the Paranormal Eye Team as we invite you to be part of this overnight ghost hunt. Join us as we will be unlocking the gates to this fantastic 18th Century Cardiff Castle for the night. Are you brave enough to investigate its many rooms, including its dungeon and eerie courtyard? Many visitors have experienced strange goings-on in the Lady’s bedroom; is this the presence of the alleged Grey Lady? Or are the spirits reported here from an era before the current Castle was built? Dare to join the team for an intense overnight ghost hunt at one of Wales’s most haunted Castles? The Great Hall is always scaring people, even in the daytime when taps and bangs are constantly being heard, and people feel that they have been touched. The chapel is peaceful, but when in there, it always feels as if hidden eyes are watching you. This is a great ghost hunting location and one on the must-do list.

History of Castle Coch 

Castell Coch is a romantic and majestic building perched on the hillside of Cardiff in Wales. It was built in the 1870s for the 3rd Marquess of Bute to a design by William Burges and had the most exquisite interior decoration based on a fascination of the Middle Ages. The history of Castell Coch is fascinating, as is the whole ambience of this fantastic location. It is unique and has an appearance that allows you to think that you have seen it many times before, but mainly in fairy tales.

Lord Bute wanted to create a grand vision of the Middle Ages and raise a new fortress on the ruined foundations of the Castle, and in the summer of 1875, work began in earnest to create his vision. Burges died unexpectedly in 1881, and it was left to his team of assistants and craftsmen to interpret his dream and complete the fantastic decorative ideas for the decor of the Castle using local medieval precedents.

The original Castle was thought to have been founded by a Welsh Lord in c 1240 -1265 and had a round tower keep at the South Westerly corner of a small D-shaped courtyard with a hall on either side. This was built with rough rubble sandstone from which the building took the name of Castell Coch The appearance of Castle Coch disguises the fact that it is thought to have been built on the remains of a genuine 13th Century Castle.

There is a darker side to Castell Coch, though, which is evident by the fact that it holds areas of punishment, and by the sheer fact that it has a dungeon suggests that there were also episodes of torture. Putting this together with the fact that it has been built upon foundations used in the Middle Ages allows you to comprehend the types of suffering that would have occurred here. Many battles were fought on the land, and bloodshed would have been spilt.

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