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Ghost hunts Castle`s and Museum`s  

Margam Castle, South Wales 

Margam Castle Situated in a remote Country Park in Port Talbot, this is a building that has seen a very dark harrowing past from the time that this building was abandoned. Ghost Hunts here can be a really terrifying experience, Many people believe that the gamekeeper here is responsible for the poltergeist activity and the strange happenings that occur here. Rumor has it that he was murdered by a poacher. He is thought to be responsible for many stones that have been thrown and many believe he is the presence which many have felt. A paranormal investigation at the Haunted Margam Castle will certainly be a night you will not forget.


Lancaster Castle, Lancashire 

Lancaster Castle, a place steeped in chilling and brutal history ! Known for its strong history connections to the Pendle witches to which five of them were said to be held and imprisoned here before they meet their gruesome end and the many myths of the witches comes to an end.. Lancaster Castle was the final destination place for these women, Prior to being hanged for witchcraft they were incarcerated in a dark,disgusting gloomy cell known as the Well Tower and shackled to the floor. Demdyke one of the witches, met her death here whilst awaiting trial unable to withstand the barbaric conditions. This Castle has been used as a prison since 1196 and has held many of the worse criminals. The Castle has a very dark and sinister history many executions by hanging took place here until 1865. Lancaster Castle is a very eerie place by day and an extremely terrifying place by night.


Oxford Castle, Oxfordshire 

Oxford Castle has over a thousand years of dark and dismal History .The Castle has many reported ghosts that are said to roam around the many areas. The crypt underneath the tower is an extremely terrifying place many people have witnessed tall dark figures standing watching, The long corridors of cells where the heavy metal doors are often heard slamming shut, a tower that has an extremely sinister feel and many refuse to stay , The Well Chamber deep in the mound of the Castle Hill is a truly terrifying experience.  


Carew Castle, Near Tenby, Wales 

Carew Castle is situated near Tenby in South Wales. This Castle has a long history and has a very disturbing past. For hundreds of years there has been many unexplained happenings within the Castle and it`s grounds. Dark ghostly figures and dark shadows have been reported on many occasions. Dating back to 1270 its really no wonder that activity here is extremely common. Ghost hunts here are certainly not for the feint hearted and are certainly not for those who afraid of the dark. Many visitors report an unwelcoming presence in the undercroft and refuse to go in alone. Will you dare ? Spend the night inside this truly haunted castle ! 


Whittington Castle, Shropshire

Whittington Castle is steeped in history with many tales of cruel nasty happenings , death, myths and legends. There has been many accounts of unexplained paranormal activity and ghostly sightings. A hooded figure is often seen or felt under the arch of the main gateway, the spirit of a tall man in a leather apron is seen to walk the ruins and there are faces of spirit children who have been seen on Many occasions peering out of the windows. Are you brave enough to spend time alone in the Chilling , Pitch Black and sinister guard room which some staff members absolutely refuse to enter ? Join the team as we attempt to discover the lonely lost souls which occupy this Eerie haunted Castle.


Dudley Castle, West Midlands 

Ghost hunts here at the castle are certainly not for those afraid of the dark, and not for the feint hearted. Dark hooded figures are often seen and sensed by many guests especially on the lawned area and one of the main walkways of the Castle. Deep cold icy breaths are often felt along with what appears to sound like groans. Many guests report that they get the feeling they are being watched many report being grabbed ! Join the paranormal eye team as we unlock the castle and seek the many ghosts that are said to haunt here. 


Tutbury Castle, Derbyshire 

As with many Castles, haunting`s go hand in hand. Tutbury Castle is certainly no different in that aspect, Ghost hunts here can be a truly terrifying experience, People have experienced a tall dark figure and many people report that he certainly does make his presence known !. The King’s chamber is one of the most haunted parts of the castle. Said to be haunted by a little girl who likes to hold people’s hands and tug their clothes. Orbs and strange lights are often seen in this room. In the hall adjacent to the chamber people often report feeling faint and also report feelings of being touched. The question is can you face your fears and join the us for a night at this haunted Castle ?



Ordsall Hall is a location steeped in history, majority of this is extremely dark and sinister. Ordsall Hall situated in Manchester is renowned as being extremely haunted. Previous overnight ghost hunts here have give us some amazing experiences and activity. Join the team as we go in search of the spirits that remain within the walls of this vast location Ordsall Hall in Salford, Manchester has a long history of reported ghostly sightings and the activity in this haunted house seems to have got so much more intense since the Hall building was refurbished in 2010. Ordsall Hall has also had many ghostly apparitions caught on guests camera`s aswell as the ghost cam itself from Ordsall Hall. Will the white lady make herself known to us on that evening ?

Ghost Hunts here at Ordsall Hall are extremely frightening at times, the attic many guests on previous investigations here have fled, refusing to go back up there.

Have a paranormal night here at Ordsall with the Paranormal Eye Team.



St John's House in the heart of Warwick is a Jacobean property which is on the land of a medieval hospital from the 12th Century which has its own tragic story about two sisters. The two sisters are now thought to haunt the property with ghostly sightings of them regularly reported.There are many rooms and cellars to investigate, Just what will you find on the night ? Saint Johns House stands on the grounds of a former hospital dating back to when Henry VII reigned. The house is a hotpot for its paranormal activity. Two ladies are thought to haunt this building in particular, one of them was standing by the fireplace in one of the rooms, where her dress caught fire and she burnt to death. The other lady it has been said that she died of sheer shock, as an intruder broke into the house. However Saint Johns house is said to haunted by many spirits.



Armley Mills in Leeds has a reputation dating back many years for unexplained happenings and being known as extremely haunted. on previous overnight ghost hunts here we have witnessed the slamming of doors, heavy footsteps are heard to approach when nobody is physically walking , Many guests have witnessed a dark shadow of what appears to be a gentleman dressed in old Victorian clothing. In the older parts of the mill, many people claim to smell burning and old tobacco smoke. This location is an extremely active location for poltergeist activity. Many guests refuse to go to toilets here in the mill alone. Once the largest woollen mill in the world, these vast mills at Armley once employed children as young as Seven in cruel harsh conditions at the height of the cotton boom, these young children are thought to tug on clothing, touch you and throw items in an attempt to gain attention.

The ghosts of armley mills we believe some of them due to previous guests experiences are young children, however we also believe that there is one or two that can have a rather nasty side ! will you dare enter the mill with the Paranormal Eye team ?

The earliest record of Armley Mills dates from the middle of the sixteenth century when local clothier Richard Booth leased 'Armley Millnes' from Henry Saville. A document of 1707 describes them as fulling mills. One contained two wheels and four fulling stocks, while another was used to grind corn mill and two fulling stocks'. The mills expanded and by 1788 were equipped with five waterwheels driving eighteen fulling stocks. Fulling was a necessary but dirty process where woven wool is felted. The bundles of cloth are hit repeatedly by large hammers, the fulling stocks, while soaked in water, urine and a clay known as Fuller's earth. The urine which is a source of ammonia was collected from neighbouring houses, who specially saved it for the purpose.

The mills were sold in 1788, ten years after the new canal opened. It was bought by Colonel Thomas Lloyd, a Leeds cloth merchant who expanded it to be the world's largest woollen mill, he leased the running of the mills to Israel and John Burrows, They built demi-detached house for themselves on the far bank of the canal.

In 1804 to 1805 the mills were sold to Benjamin Gott- but burnt down. The early mills were fire hazards, the fibres in the air igniting and setting fire to the flammable structure. Gott rebuilt the mill using fireproof principles: the mill structure survives and it is this structure that has achieved a grade II listing. Gott was the owner of several woollen mills. He died in 1840 and was succeeded by his sons John Gott and William Gott. They introduced a steam engine to supplement the water wheels in 1850 but it was in the 1860s that the waterwheels were phased out.

By 1907 part of mill had been let out to tenants in a room and power agreement. The woollen clothing manufacturers Bentley and Tempest took over the mill. The mill closed in 1971, a victim to the changing technology, loss of market and the prevailing economic conditions. It was sold to Leeds City Council who re-opened it as a museum of industry in 1982.



Situated in Evesham, an old tudor house this is location is certainly not the faint hearted. Reports of Monks have been seen wandering through this building. Also there have been reports of red eyes staring back at people through the darkness, This place is certainly not for the faint hearted

Are you Brave Enough to do an overnight investigation here ?

The spirit house in Evesham is called Spiritus by the day, The building is now home to a crystal shop and spiritual centre,

The spirit house is a Tudor house built in the old riverside town of Evesham.

Built around 1544 The Spirit House has seen many deaths . It has a truly terrifyng cellar where people have left scared to death after seeing artifacts moving on their own along with the sounds of a child crying. Others have seen terrifying red eyes staring out in the darkness.

Simon DeMontfort fought outside during the battle of Evesham, where he was beheaded and dismembered along with 100's of others. Evesham was also the home to a magnificent abbey which was taken apart during the time of the dissolution - many of the houses in Evesham were built with Abbey stone.

The house was once home to a dressmaker, a surgeon (who carried out operations in the building) and at one time, the Evesham Gazette!

The building is home to many resident ghosts/spirits and some of them are shall we say NOT pleased to see you.


The Sheffield police & Fire museum has been open since 1900 and is reportedly the home of many spirits

The museum is now home to many old fire engines and police memorabillia so it is no surprise with so many artifacts that some spirits may still be still attached to them. Will you be brave enough to last the whole night ?

This building was originally opened in the early 1900s as one of the first purpose built Fire Stations in the UK , during its later years became a Police Station, equipped with its own cells and telephone exchange. The Cellars and Cells were used as air raid shelters during WWII. The building then fell into a state of disrepair, taken over by volunteers it was turned into the emergency services museum.

Sheffield Fire and Police Museum has so many spirits, some good and some not so good one of them is to which include a young pick pocket in the fire station, in the police station and cells an angry male spirit has been encountered on numerous occasions in particularly ladies who enter the end cell. On Previous investigations here many guests and team encountered a male dark shadow walking extremely quickly towards them this was in the corridor that runs alongside the old Victorian cells. Dare you spend the night in the end cell ? where things has been said to get thrown at you.

For a number of years, visitors have reported strange experiences within the building and paranormal investigations have become popular here due to the paranormal activity reported on a regular basis. Ghostly figures have been seen, unexplained sounds heard and objects have been found to have moved which makes this the perfect location to carry out a serious paranormal investigation. Will you be joining us ? 

Peoples desire to know what awaits us on the other side is growing stronger, many people are looking for the physical proof, some look for signs and many of us are often just either intrigued or have unanswered questions. Paranormal eye welcomes you all to our ghost hunting events, from newcomers to experienced small groups. Spend the night/evening with the team where you can take part in many experiments including Ouija/spirit boards, table tipping, glass divination, Seances and so much more. We hold ghost hunting events across the Country in many of the UK`s most haunted locations, will you be joining us ?

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