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Clitheroe Castle Ghost nights, haunt Nights Uk, Lancashire Ghost Hunts

Clitheroe Castle Clitheroe Ghost Hunt 

Saturday 21st may 2022 9pm till 2.00am Only £49.00 per person 

Clitheroe Ghost Hunts / Lancashire Ghost Hunts/ Castle Ghost Hunts 

Clitheroe Castle Ghost Hunts with Paranormal Eye UK

Join The Paranormal Eye Team on this Ghost Hunt at Clitheroe Castle, discover the ghostly sightings, and happenings at this Pendle Hill Castle. Absorb and take in the view of Pendle Hill right from the top of the keep; the Castle grounds are beautiful by day; however, by dark this chilling castle tells another story; unexplained light anomalies are often seen floating through the dark and eerie walkway to the keep, drastic unexplained temperature changes are often felt. There have been reports of two dark ghostly figures watching. Many believe this is the guards keeping watch; eerie screams have also been reported coming from within the keep, along with the strange overwhelming feeling of being watched. Ghost hunts at the castle and museum can be a truly terrifying experience where many guests have reported being grabbed. Are you ready to unbolt the doors, head into this chilling location, and be part of this intense ghost hunt? Who or what will you encounter? 

History of Clitheroe Castle 

Clitheroe was built no later than 1102 atop a steep limestone rock that rises about the river Ribble. It is an example of an enclosure castle. In this defended stronghold, the outer walls were the primary defensive structures rather than relying on a Great Keep as a last resort refuge. Although Clitheroe does have a Keep, it was built for accommodation purposes and was relatively small; any attacker who surmounted the motte and breached the walls would not have had difficulty accessing the Keep. The curtain wall extended North, East and West around the Keep and wrapped around the bailey to the South.

Clitheroe was the seat of the Honour of Clitheroe and, paired with Pontefract, was owned by the de Lacy family, who used it as their administrative centre, functioning as a court and prison. In 1311 it passed by marriage into the hands of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and was subsequently consumed into the Duchy of Lancaster. In 1327 it was acquired by Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II. During this period, various repairs were carried out to buildings within the castle, and a new gatehouse was constructed.

By the Civil War, the castle was ruinous but was nevertheless occupied by a Royalist force who made a few makeshift repairs. No action is recorded there during the war itself. Still, in 1649, following the execution of Charles I, it was briefly reoccupied by members of the Lancashire militia who refused to disband. Once dispersed, Parliament gave orders to compromise the defences to prevent it from being held again, resulting in the significant breach made in the Keep.

This Event Includes 

Access to the many rooms and the outside grounds after dark

A brief tour of the building and grounds

Working in Small Groups, Using array of different equipment and techniques

Spiritual Medium during the investigation

Complimentary Tea, Coffee,

Complimentary light snacks

Please remember to bring your torch as these are required at all our events. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is not suitable for people with walking and mobility issues.



Please Note:

Before booking this event please read the following as per our terms and conditions that are agreed at the point of sale.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of any circumstances.

When you make a booking with us it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are able to make the event date that you have booked, as Paranormal eye cannot offer a refund or transfer your places onto another event date if you or any of your party are unable to attend.



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