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Clock Tower Walmley Ghost Hunts, Bristol Ghost Hunts

Clock Tower Walmley Bristol Ghost Hunts 

Clock Tower Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Events / Ghost Hunting Experiences 

Clock Tower Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK 

Ghost hunts at this location are an absolute must for anyone who has the nerve to hold vigils in this eerie building. This location is said to be riffed with paranormal and spooky happenings. This ghost hunt is for you if you want to keep your nerve. This dark and imposing building known as The Clock Tower started over three hundred years ago as a pin factory that employed hundreds of people, including many children. Working conditions at the factory can only be described as harsh. Hours of work were long, and without regard to the wellbeing of the workers, injury and death were common. It is said that they were worked to death. The hauntings here are vast and foreboding building that is thought to be down to the poor souls who fell foul to these harsh and fatal conditions that they had to endure. Disembodied voices and chilling cries have been heard coming from empty rooms. Doors seen and heard slamming on the upper floors are a regular occurrence. Dark shadows and numerous light anomalies are often seen in the endless corridors.

Join the paranormal eye Uk team in Bristol as we spend the night searching for the hauntings of the Clock Tower in Warmley

History of the Clock Tower Walmley 

The clock tower, and former pin factory, was built in 1743 as part of William Champion's Warmley Brass Works. Its nickname of the "Slab" is derived from "Arts Laboratory". The three-storey building is built of rubble with black slag quoins. The central part of the building has a hipped roof. The actual tower is set forward and has a saddleback gabled pantile roof. The existing tower also has slag quoins that may have been components from an annealing oven. The upper storey houses an 18th-century bell and a clock with an octagonal external dial. The clock tower is linked to a single storey structure to the west, the lower part of which is built of black slag worked to ashlar, also with black slag quoins. The building is now a community centre. This is a Listed Building.

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