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Coventry Ghost Hunts 

Coventry Ghost Hunts Warwickshire ghost nights. Have you ever wanted to ghost hunt around the historical city of Coventry? The paranormal Eye team has some great haunted locations around Coventry. Paranormal Eye Uk offer public ghost hunts and ghost hunting experiences throughout the UK. St. Marys Guildhall is one of our hand-picked favourite haunted locations. Click the link below to book your Coventry Ghost hunting experience.

Described as being one of the finest remaining Guildhalls in the Country and located among some of the only period buildings in the city, The Guildhall, built around 1340, is steeped in history. Ghost hunt inside the Draper’s room where Mary Queen of Scots was held captive. Will you have a paranormal experience in the Old Council Chamber, Princes’ chamber and mercer’s room and see what paranormal evidence you can capture after dark!

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