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Creaky Cauldron Stratford Upon Avon Ghost Hunts

Ghost Hunts at 21 Henley Street are certainly not for the faint hearted the Creaky Cauldron is said to be home to many ghosts and spirits. This location is a real must when the lights go out this place is rather daunting and very disorienting, On previous ghost hunts here the Creaky Cauldron has never failed to disappoint with many guests feeling unwell on the upper floors and refusing to return to dark ghostly figures drastic temperature are just some of things you may experience on an overnight ghost hunt. 

History of The Creaky Cauldron 

21 Henley Street is now the only remaining section of the famous White Lion Inn that still stands. The Tudor period building was constructed in the mid 1500's; however records show that there has been a building on the site since the early 1100's.

In its heyday, the White Lion Inn was the largest coaching inn in Europe stretching from Windsor Street all the way to the site of William Shakespeare's birthplace. During its time as an Inn the building was known to have links to several Secret Societies and even royalty.

It is also home to a much darker period of history during the late 1700's a series of very brutal attacks took place on prostitutes in the bedrooms on the upper floors of the Inn. These attacks have left a spectral imprint on the building that can be sensed by mediums to this very day.

During the English Civil War the building was taken over by parliamentary soldiers who are said to haunt the upper levels to this very day whispering about secret plans.