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What to expect on a ghost hunt?

Our Vigils typically last from 45 minutes to an hour, and then we like to change you (the Guest) to other areas. You are accompanied by a team member who always attends to you, which allows you to experience as much as possible.

Paranormal Eye Uk usually works in small groups on vigils, and a team member always accompanies you.

Our vigils consist of teamwork which does entail sitting quietly in rooms, calling out to the spirit world asking for responses from the other world; we also have other experiments, including Ouija boards, table tipping, glasswork, and more technical items, including spirit Boxes rem pods Mel meters and so much more.

All our guests have the opportunity to ask any questions to the spirit world during a vigil, and we do encourage this. We also have a Spiritual Medium on all our ghost hunts which will be on hand to answer questions that you may have.

The more energy we can obtain between the groups, the better, as this helps us connect with the spirits of the location.

Please note alcohol is not permitted before or during the investigation.

You are welcome to bring cameras and any other equipment, you can get involved as much or as little as you want to, and you don't have to do any experiments that you are not comfortable with.

We use traditional methods of Communication such as Seances watch and wait along with Glass Divination and Table Tipping; you will be shown how to use several scientific instruments, such as K2 Meters, Rem Pods, and temperature guns this is only if you want these explaining.,

Paranormal activity at any of our locations can never be guaranteed.

Are these nights safe?

We want all our guests to enjoy yourselves, and our events and locations are chosen for their reported paranormal activities. Due to their very nature, some locations can be excellent places to explore, with caves, tunnels, and attic spaces. We take your wellbeing very seriously, so we carry full public liability insurance, have a trained first aider on-site and carry out risk assessments before every event. Guests are under no obligation to carry out anything they don’t feel comfortable doing. We will do our utmost to find alternative, suitable activities to make each individual enjoy their night to the full.

How do I receive tickets?

We do not mail or supply physical tickets. Instead, we operate a guest list system. As soon as we receive your booking confirmation, we will add your name to that events list. We usually send you an email confirmation within 24-48 hours of receiving your booking; please ensure you add your current email address. Please check your spam/junk folders as they sometimes end up there.

Do we have to bring anything with us?

We advise you to wear or bring warm clothing with you as many of the locations can be extremely cold; suitable sensible footwear is essential as many areas are ancient and have even floors and narrow stairs. We also advise you to bring your camping chair with you as our vigils can be over an hour. Please feel free to bring your own hot/cold drinks and snacks (although we provide complimentary beverages etc.). This may not be adequate for your needs. You may also want to bring your umbrella as sometimes the distance from one area to other can be far and only accessible from the outside.

Please bring your torch as these are required at all our events.