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Overnight Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Hunts over the UK join the paranormal Eye Team as we invite you to join us on an overnight ghost hunt 

Spend the night with Paranormal Eye Uk on a real and what could be a terrifying ghost hunt, We hold many Ghost hunting experiences across many of the UK`s most haunted and spooky locations. Will you be able to face your worst fears and spend the night in a haunted building ? If yes then be a part of the team for a paranormal night and become a real ghost hunter for the night, and join the many who seek validation and evidence of an afterlife. We offer you ghost nights and tours which use a variety of techniques from old fashioned table tipping, glass divining, séances and Ouija boards, along with more modern technical methods. The night is yours , We cater for first time ghost hunters to more experienced Paranormal Investigators.