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West Yorkshire Ghost hunts, Leeds City Museum Ghost Hunts

Leeds City Museum Ghost Hunts 

Leeds City Museum Ghost Hunts - Paranormal Eye UK  

Join the paranormal eye team for a night of pure ghost hunting at this fantastic location in the heart of Leeds with four floors of Terror.

This magnificent building is steeped in history, and many spooky tales are to be told. Unexplained footsteps have been heard within the building, with staff also reporting doors mysteriously opening and closing of their own accord. A figure has been seen on the balcony of Albert Hall, and the naked eye has observed strange light anomalies.

Spend the at this imposing haunted museum with the team as we invite you to join us on an overnight ghost hunt at this city’s historic landmark to discover the hidden secrets along with who is haunting this imposing building. 

History Of Leeds City Museum 

When the Leeds Philosophical and Literary society members decided that Leeds was worthy of its museum back in 1819, they could have had no idea how popular it would be today. It took them two years to open to the public at the original site on Park Row, and they kept control of the museum for 100 years before the city council took it over in 1921. Everything ran smoothly until the bombing in WWII damaged much of the exhibits and original building, but the board kept the museum open as it improved local morale.

Due to a lack of funding, it was decided that the museum would close in 1965 and viewing of the remaining exhibits would be by appointment only – an arrangement that remained until lottery funding in 2004 led to the refit of the old Leeds Institute building as the Leeds City Museum in 2005.

Leeds city museum’s new home

When Cuthbert Brodrick completed the building that now houses Leeds city museum in 1862, its purpose was to be the home for the Leeds Institute – an organisation to educate Leeds industrial workforce – and be a lecture venue.

When you look at the building today, you can see Brodrick’s bold design and recognise the similarities with his other creations: Leeds Town Hall and The Corn Exchange – which goes to show what a great decision it was for Leeds council to turn this building into a museum!

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