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Experience a True Leicester Ghost Hunt At  Paranormal Eye UK

A real Leicester ghost hunt will take you to some of the UK's creepiest, haunted, paranormal spots. Sometimes, just being at an old building in the darkness of night is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Imagine this for a second. You’re on a ghost hunting adventure in Leicester, joined by a group of newly found friends and an expert paranormal team. Everyone has their equipment ready, and an EVP session starts rolling.

Dead silence spreads over the group as your ears are tuned to the slightest sound. You could cut the tension with a knife. But the real adventure begins when the recording is played back, and you all realise you’re not alone. 

Now, many people question if ghosts are even real at all, but we’ve seen spooks and shadows first hand—unembodied figures walking through halls, scratches on the ceiling, and a general feel of eeriness.

Experiencing a real ghost hunt is far more thrilling than watching a staged performance on TV. Spend a night at any of these haunted Leicester locations, and you might become a believer by sunrise!

Ghost Hunt at Beaumanor Hall

A true sight to behold, Beaumanor Hall is a large Victorian house that sits on 34 acres in Leicester’s countryside. Its strong connection to the WWII era is one reason why this property has a powerful paranormal allure.

Staff and visitors alike have reported seeing apparitions in the attic, staircase, and other areas where 18th century (and older) servants and military would roam. A ghost hunt at Beaumanor Hall often feels like travelling a maze- both in reality and in your mind..

Ghost Hunt at Belgrave Hall

Spend the night inside a haunted building in the historic city of Leicester! Belgrave Hall is a famous landmark known for its paranormal activity. Built in the 18th century, this ancient home has seen its fair share of residents, passers-by, and weird occurrences.

Perhaps you might even encounter the spirit of Charlotte Ellis, who is believed to be the 6-foot white figure often seen near the rear of the home. 

Ghost Hunt at Leicester Guildhall

The Leicester Guildhall is highly historic and one of the city’s oldest buildings, dating back to the medieval era. Built somewhere around 1390, it served as an important place for Richard III, the Guild of Corpus Christi, and even Leicester’s first Town Hall.

Much energy has been passed through its walls over time. Take a ghost tour, and you might see the mysterious figure that floats around the library. 

Ghost Hunting in Leicester with Paranormal Eye UK

Ghost Hunting in Leicester with Paranormal Eye UK

Experience the thrilling and mystical power of an overnight ghost hunt with Paranormal Eye UK. Our paranormal events are open to the public in select locations- Leicester being one of our favourites.

We welcome you to join us and dive deep into the art, science, and thrill of ghost hunting. Our team has led paranormal ghost hunts for 9 years. And no matter what’s going on, each quest is always a unique and truly amazing experience. Check out our upcoming events and help us lift the veil on the unseen. 

Leicester ghost nights