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Lincoln Ghost Hunts, Lincoln Prison Ghost Hunts

Lincoln Prison - Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts 

This prison is inside the Lincoln Castle; a Norman built on an older Roman fortress. The original Castle dates back to 1068 - so there's plenty of history here and plenty of potential for spooky goings-on over its near-1000-year history., A Victorian jail with a long history of reported paranormal activity. Miserable, harsh and enough to send a man to insanity, Lincoln Prison is where the infamous long drop hangings first began. Some visitors have reported seeing a former matron haunting one of the rooms, rushing to aid a female prisoner who had killed themselves to avoid public execution.

Others have seen a different female spirit, dressed in black, walking up and down the steps to the gallows.

Some report hearing or seeing cell doors clanging shut, and disembodied screams, coming from the men's wing of the prison - despite it being empty since 1878.

The most disturbing rumours are the sounds of sobbing and growling coming from the graveyard - where prisoners who had died without family or friends to claim their bodies were buried.

Overnight ghost hunts here often produce terrifying experiences, and few can manage any time alone in the punishment cell. Your ghost hunt will leave you sure that you are not alone there, so be warned - ghost hunts don\'t come any more frightening than this. Dare you enter after dark?

History Of Lincoln Prison 

The Castle itself will have held prisoners throughout its history, but the Lincoln Prison as we know it began in 1787, housing debtors. Debtors' prisons held people with significant debts until they worked off their arrears or got hold of enough money from another source.

N 1847, the Prison was expanded to house actual criminals and started using American-style "separate system" imprisonment - keeping inmates in isolation from each other and only allowing them to speak with guards.

This was supposed to keep the worst inmates from influencing the others to aid rehabilitation, but this led to many developing mental illnesses in the dark, cold loneliness.

Adding to that is the hangings at the Prison, using the "long drop" method - which mathematically calculated the right length of rope needed to execute someone, based on their weight and height.

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