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Experience Incredible Paranormal Events With Lincolnshire Ghost Hunts

If you are someone yearning to experience a paranormal event once in your lifetime, Lincolnshire is the best place to visit! Being among the most historical counties in East of England, this place undoubtedly has a lot to offer. And it's not ghost hunting events that you have to look forward to.

The county will keep you busy with its charming village, beautiful landscape and bustling market towns. And if you want to have a paranormal investigation of your own, you are in for a treat! You have the opportunity to visit the dark and mysterious side of this incredible county with a deep history. But remember, the overnight ghost hunt is not for the faint-hearted!

Want to know more about where you can go for ghost hunting in Lincolnshire? Here are your best options! 

Lincolnshire ghost nights and overnight ghost hunts

Once, Lady Beryl Groves resided here. But who says she has left? You won't be the only one to have experienced a paranormal event in this incredible property spread across 10 acres of land. Hidden away from view, it's only accessible via a deep wood area entrance lane. And right from the moment you enter it, your frightening yet intriguing ghost night begins!

For a long time, this abandoned building was a sign of despair. Then new owners took it on themselves to renovate it. But even now, you will feel a chill down your spine as you stroll through the corridors and view the living quarters, butlers pantry and stable. And if you really want to conduct a paranormal investigation, the concealed tunnel area is waiting for you!

Lincolnshire Paranormal Events

It's impossible not to talk about this place when we think about ghost hunting events in Lincolnshire. There's a reason that people from far across come here for overnight ghost hunt events. This medieval building has seen too many paranormal happenings to be discounted as coincidence or figment of imagination.

People have sighted full-bodied female apparitions and children dressed in period clothing. Indeed, many who entered the place for an overnight ghost hunt fled the area in fear. 

The Old Nick Gainsborough Ghost Nights

Built by Sir Thomas Burgh, this place is a must-visit for all who want to enjoy an incredible ghost night. Can we really say the Burghs have left the property? No!

According to stories, people have spotted the ghost of Elizabeth Burgh here more than once. As the tale goes, she fell in love with a man from the lower class and intended to elope before being caught by her father. She was locked in her bedroom, where she died a few days later. Yes, this overnight ghost hunt will definitely make your hair stand on end! 

Lincoln Prison Ghost Hunts

This one's the most obvious site for paranormal investigation! The walls have seen the absolute worst, and the spirits can still be heard crying for the agony they experienced. Your overnight ghost hunt in the Lincoln prison will definitely leave you terrified.

Join us to experience a paranormal event you won't ever forget! We are confident the overnight ghost hunt will exceed your expectations!


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