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Margam Castle, Ghost Hunt 

Margam Castle Situated in a remote Country Park in Port Talbot, this is a building that has seen a very dark harrowing past from the time that this building was abandoned. Ghost Hunts here can be a really terrifying experience, Many people believe that the gamekeeper here is responsible for the poltergeist activity and the strange happenings that occur here. Rumour has it that he was murdered by a poacher. He is thought to be responsible for many stones that have been thrown and many believe he is the presence which many have felt. A paranormal investigation at the Haunted Margam Castle will certainly be a night you will not forget.

With its grand staircase, many rooms, dark corridors, and the original ruins of the Chapter House this location is a real must ! 

The Ghosts that Haunt Margam Castle 

The original Chapter house situated further down the Gardens is a real must majority of guests on previous investigations here have witnessed dark shadows moving around and many refuse to stay in certain areas there. Dark shadows are often seen wandering through the many rooms, Strange unexplained balls of light have witnessed on the staircase, loud heavy footsteps and many guests have the overwhelming feeling of sickness in the old school room once in a different area they feel completely fine.

There is one main spirit here at the Castle that to say the least is very unwelcoming to many people, He will make his presence felt some have heard stones being thrown and doors are often heard slamming shut. Can you face your fears and enter the sinister Margam Castle ?  

The History of Margam Castle 

Margam Castle, a Tudor Gothic mansion was, with its service buildings and courtyards, built between 1830 and 1840 and it is listed Grade I as a building of exceptional quality and with some spectacular features such as the staircase. It was not until the 1820's that Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (1803 and 1890) determined to build a new house at Margam.

The Margam estate had been in his family since 1536,however Thomas Mansel Talbot had demolished the original mansion house in 1787 to replace it with the magnificent Orangery that can be seen in the gardens today. Proud of this ancient family lineage Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot had always been attracted to romantic Margam. He wished to rebuild a suitable country residence which would complement the history of Margam Castle

Margam Castle is a large Victorian era country house, built in Margam, Port Talbot, Wales, for Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot. It was constructed over a ten-year period, from 1830 to 1840, on a site which had been occupied for some 4,000 years and which from the 11th century until the dissolution of the monasteries was an abbey. Although called a "castle", the building is really a large comfortable country house, one of many "mock" castles built in the 19th century during the Gothic Revival.

After making a Grand Tour of Europe as a young man, Talbot returned to south Wales and from 1830 he set about redeveloping the family estate at Margam. The new castle was designed in a Tudor Gothic style by the architect Thomas Hopper, while Edward Haycock Snr was supervisory architect and designed parts of the interior and exterior of the house, the stables, terraces and lodges.

Talbot also took a keen interest in the project, encouraging his architects to borrow elements from Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire (ancestral home of the Talbots and home to his cousin William Henry Fox Talbot) and Melbury House in Dorset (home of his mother's family, the Fox-Strangways, Earls of Ilchester).

William Henry Fox Talbot was a frequent visitor to Margam, and the castle featured as an image in some of his early photographic experiments. Margam's links with photography also include being the location of the earliest known Welsh photograph, a daguerreotype of the castle taken on 9 March 1841 by the Reverend Calvert Richard Jones. After the death of Emily Charlotte Talbot, the daughter of its first owner, the castle passed to her nephew and continued to be used by the Talbot family until 1941, when it was sold. David Evans-Bevan, who bought it, found it too large to live in, but could not find any public organisation interested in taking it on, and it fell into disrepair.

This Event Includes 

Working in small groups. Ouija/spirit board sessions, EVP Sessions, Table tipping and seances.

Tea/ Coffee and light snacks are provided.

Please remember to bring a torch as this location is very very dark ! remember to wear warm clothing and suitable footwear. This location is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues.

OVER 18`s ONLY. 

Get Directions to Margam Castle 

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