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Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunting Events, Tours and Ghost Nights 

Spend the night on an Overnight ghost hunt  across many of the UK's Most haunted Locations, Become a real Ghost hunter for the night with the Paranormal Eye Team. We specialise in Overnight Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Tours and More

The Paranormal Eye Team offer ghost hunting experiences in the North West in some of the most frightening and spooky locations in the UK. Have you ever wanted to spend the night in the real extreme darkness ? Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a vast abandoned building ? Become a real ghost hunter for the night and be part of these ghost nights.

Ghost hunts  are becoming more and more popular, So whatever location takes your fancy your sure to be in for a great experience. From a range of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings with many secrets, To sinister underground tunnels and caves. Ghost hunts across the north west  will certainly leave you wanting so much more. Delve in the paranormal with our professional and friendly team. Check out ghost hunting in some of the UK's most haunted locations with Paranormal Eye UK.