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North West Haunt Nights Paranormal Eye UK 

north  west haunt nights

Have you always wondered what it would be like to spend the night inside an old, haunted building? Then why not try a terrifying ghost hunt/haunt night for yourself. We offer a great range of haunted locations across the North West.

Since the Victorian era, the fascination of spirit communication has continued; we invite those who are intrigued by all things unexplained and strange occurrences to come along for a ghost hunting experience like no other; some so many people love to explore chilling, spooky old buildings to try and find out if there is an afterlife, what could be more exciting than investigating reputedly haunted, historical locations.

Paranormal Eye Uk organise overnight ghost hunts, haunt nights and paranormal nights at some of the UK’s most haunted locations; we invite those feeling brave enough to step into the darkness with us for what can be a genuinely terrifying ghost hunt/haunt night.

Join us for a night of ghost hunting vigils that include glass moving, dark guards, and real scary séances as we attempt to communicate with those who are said to haunt these eerie locations.

#North West Haunt Nights