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Norton Priory Ghost Hunts, Overnight Ghost Hunts, haunt Nights Uk , Ghost hunting events, Paranormal Nights

Norton Priory Runcorn Ghost Hunt 

Norton Priory Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Events 

Norton Priory is an ancient abbey set deep inside a secluded woodland; hundreds of reports of strange sightings and paranormal activity have been reported. The building's history dates back almost 1,000 years. Ghostly shadows and the cries of a woman are said to have been heard in the upper gallery; a skull-like face has also been reported hiding within the 12th-century underground chamber. These are just some of the unexplained encounters here. The abbey is also home to medieval artefacts. Norton abbey is a steeped historical location, and unfortunately, most of this is gruesome. On Previous visits here, many guests witnessed dark shadows running and darting up a staircase; Amazing EVPs have been captured, dare you to be part of this intense night, and hold a vigil in the pitch-black conditions? Will you encounter the dark ghostly shadow that is often seen?

History Of Norton Priory 

Founded in 1134, the Priory remained active until its dissolution in April 1536. Within eight years of the dissolution, it was sold to the Brooke family, who owned it for over 400 years. In 1966, the site of the Priory, by then in a state of considerable decay, was given to the Runcorn Development Corporation by Sir Richard Brooke. Very little of the medieval monastery remained visible, and it was decided to excavate and display the ruins as a public amenity. The excavations revealed the foundations and lower parts of the walls of the monastery buildings and the abbey church. A viewing platform (with audio commentary) now enables visitors to gain a clear impression of the scale of the site. During the dig, there were other vital finds, including a Norman Romanesque archway, now placed at the entrance to the Undercroft – a finely carved arcade with a floor of medieval mosaic tiles, the largest floor area of this type to be found in any modern excavation.

The Undercroft was built in the late 12th century as a storage area for the Priory and store food, drink, cloth and plate. In 1868 Sir Richard Brooke turned part of the Undercroft into an impressive entrance hall to the family home.

Your ghost hunt will allow you exclusive access after dark around this chilling location. You will be put into small groups at the start of the evening to investigate the upper floors, The vast undercroft, the museum and the grounds for those that dare!

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