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Oxford - Oxfordshire Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Hunts Oxford and across Oxfordshire.

Join the paranormal eye team as we invite you to join us at some fantastic hand-picked haunted locations to become a real ghost hunter for the night on what could be a genuinely terrifying ghost hunt. Ghost hunting experiences at Oxford castle are only for the Brave!

Overnight ghost hunts in oxford include Haunted Medieval Castles, To haunted old mansions and manor houses. Are you ready to face your fears? Enter the unknown in the dead of the night book your ghost hunt today!

Sulgrave Manor Ghost Hunts - Banbury Ghost Hunts 

 Join the Paranormal Eye Team on this ghost hunt. Investigate the cellars where the feeling of being watched is so overwhelming; it is no wonder Ghost hunts here are exciting as this location is steeped in history; during the dissolution of the monasteries, this was then handed over to the crown. In 1539 this manor was purchased from King VIII by Lawrence Washington; Lawrence Washington is the fifth great grandfather of the United States’ first president. The Washington family then live in this Manor for the next 120 years.

This location is an absolute must for anyone wanting to experience an intense ghost hunt; sudden drastic temperature changes are a common occurrence here, along with the uneasy feeling of being watched. Are you ready to start your ghost hunt at Sulgrave Manor? Join us to investigate the cellars, Attics, Main Hall, Bedrooms after dark! Who will you encounter at Sulgrave Manor?​

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Oxford Castle - Oxford Ghost Hunts 

Overnight ghost hunts at Oxford Castle, which is situated in the heart of Oxfordshire, is a terrifying location and would test the nerve of most ghost hunters; join the team as we have exclusive access for the night to go and explore in search of the ghosts and spirits that are said to reside here still. Oxford Castle is a truly frightening place by night, and ghost hunts here are not for the faint-hearted. With a history of witchcraft, murder, imprisonment, execution, and sacrifice, there is little wonder that this building has become one of the most renowned for paranormal activity and ghostly sightings, and we have exclusive access for the entire night.

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