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Peterborough Ghost Hunts | Ghost Night Events 

Are you thinking of ghost hunting in the Historical city of Peterborough? Why not join the paranormal eye uk team as we invite you to take part in a ghost hunt.

Peterborough ghost hunts offer a great range of spooky and haunted locations. Why not join us at the former haunted hospital Peter borough Museum. Discover more about Peterborough’s most haunted building – the Museum – and most haunted area; the Cathedral Precincts.

Regarded as the most haunted location in the city of Peterborough, Most Haunted the TV series has visited here, as well as many other paranormal programmes and investigation teams. There is certainly a wide range of reports that have occurred often, making this a fantastic location for any budding paranormal investigators.

During Most Hunted’s visit, they witnessed several phenomena, one of the more memorable moments was when the heavy cellar door slammed shut with no apparent explanation.

Often the most activity can be had in the cellar area. If you investigate this area, you can expect to have doors slam on you, things are thrown at you, strange noises, and maybe even a glimpse of the hooded figure that has been known to show himself on many investigations.

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