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Peterborough Museum Ghost Hunt, Saturday 20th February 2021

8.00pm till 2.00am only £49.00 per person 

Reputed as one of the most haunted locations in Peterborough, this vast eerie building is said to be home to at least eight spirits, there have been hundreds of reports of strange unexplained happenings here over many years. The Building was a former hospital until 1931 when it opened its doors as a museum. A soldier called Thomas is said to be one of the many spirits here, he has been seen as a full apparition by the staircase, The Paranormal eye team are very drawn to this location as our spiritual mediums believe there is a young girl who is desperately trying to get people's attention, she is a spirit that will certainly make herself known throughout the evening. Poltergeist activity is a common occurrence, join as we have access to 5 dark eerie rooms deep below this building in the hidden cellars, the former operating room , three levels of many hidden rooms.

Peterborough Museum Hauntings

A Former building was sited at this location and dates back to 16th Century. This building dates back to 1816 once a former home to the Cooke Family, by 1856 this was no longer a mansion it became the 1st Infirmary for Peterborough (A Hospital ). Reports of strange phenomena have been reported since 1931 since it fully opened up as a museum. Dark ghostly shadows have been witnessed, screams cries and groans coming from deep below the museum (the cellars) which was once the former mortuary for the infirmary. Heavy footsteps and strange swirls of light are seen on the rear staircase many believe this is maid who fell to her death. Unexplained drastic cold spots and witnessed on the main staircase. During a recent refurbishment in 2011 many workman reported hearing strange noises and doors slamming from within the cellars. Armed with a torch and an open mind we invite you to spend a night in the museum.

The History of Peterborough Museum

The first house recorded on the site of the museum was in the 16th century. A mansion was built for the Orme family, who were given land in the area by King Henry VIII in 1536.

The very first building on this site was a Tudor building, called Neville Place. And in the Priest gate Vaults, the historic cellars, you can see the remains of that building and also learn about the stories of the ghosts of the buildings past." The Orme family were MPs and magistrates for the city and were the people responsible for building the Guildhall in Cathedral Square.

The core of the current building dates back to 1816 when it was home to the local magistrate, Thomas Cooke, and his first wife Judith.

Legend has it that he used to pass judgement on people over breakfast. So that your local nightly drunk would come in the morning and if he was found to be not guilty then they would send him away with a pint of beer apparently. So if he hadn't been drunk and disorderly, to begin with, he would have been when he was leaving."

Peterborough Museum has a collection of some 227,000 objects, including local archaeology and social history ranging from the products of the Roman pottery industry to a collection of marine fossil remains of international importance from the Jurassic period.

The museum also contains the original manuscripts of John Clare, the "Northamptonshire Peasant Poet" as he was commonly known in his own time and the Norman Cross collection of items made by French prisoners of war. These prisoners were kept at Norman Cross on the outskirts of Peterborough from 1797 to 1814, in what is believed to be the world's first purpose built prisoner-of-war camp.


Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment experiments including seances and glass divination, Ghost hunting vigils in the dark, Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions

Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.

This Location is suitable for those with mobility issues. (LIMITED AREAS)