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Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt, Saturday 8th May 2021

8.30pm to 1.30am only £49.00 Per Person 

Ghost Hunts at the eerie location of the Rifles Museum can certainly be a night to remember, with a long history of paranormal activity the location is a real must for anyone wanting to explore dark shadows have been reported wandering from room to room, footsteps are heard coming from the stairways . Cries and whispers are heard the staff on many occasions report seeing an apparition of a female

The location is known as the Wardrobe and is steeped in history and is situated next to Salisbury Cathedral.

Now it’s your chance to discover the real hauntings of The Wardrobe and to join the team for a night as we invite you to be part a real ghost hunt

Hauntings of the Wardrobe 

The Wardrobe is known locally as a very haunted location. Many Believe the ghostly apparitions are that of Margaret Hussey a former occupant, many have reported seeing her in the Regimental Room. In 1951 trainee teachers saw a ghost of a lady in green at the foot of their beds and then disappear into the wall. There have been so many reports of paranormal activity here over many years and this is a place where you are very likely to encounter some form of paranormal activity from heavy footsteps, dark shadows drastic temperature changes to doors heard slamming shut there is a frightening amount of poltergeist activity here.

History of the Wardrobe 

Although its present appearance owes much to 19th century alterations, the origins of The Wardrobe, 58 The Close lie in the 13th century and the overall shape of a central hall (originally open to the roof) with two service wings still remains. At first the residence of one of the canons who served the Salisbury Cathedral it later passed into the hands of the Bishop of Salisbury. It is probable that use as a storehouse for church treasures and relic, as well as an administrative base for the Bishops household which led to its name of The Wardrobe, a title first recorded in 1543.

After use in the Second World War as a hostel of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) it was rented in 1945 by the Diocesan Training College for Schoolmistresses to provide accommodation for 25 students and 2 members of staff. This use continued until 1969. The building then remained empty for some years, with its future in doubt but during the 1970s negotiations took place for the building to become a museum for The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum and finally in the summer of 1981 the Museum was officially opened by HRH Prince Philip, Colonel-in-Chief of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, on 29 July 1982.

In the 18th century members of the Coles family divided the upper and lower halls, forming on the ground floor an entrance hall, staircase hall and dining room, the arrangement which survives today. A central entrance replaced the large window on the courtyard side of the original lower hall. The Rifles Museum is now used by visitors from all over the country.

This Event Includes 

A brief introduction from us, followed by a lights on walk of the venue to familiarise yourself with any areas of interest for the night .Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment experiments including seances and glass divination, Ghost hunting vigils in the dark, Working in small groups, participating in Ouija/spirit board sessions

Complimentary Tea/coffee and light snacks throughout the evening.

Please remember to wear suitable footwear as this location has a lot of stairs and very uneven floors.