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sheffield ghost hunts, south yorkshire ghost hunts

Sheffield Fire Museum Sheffield Ghost Hunts

Sheffield Ghost Hunts  / South Yorkshire Ghost Hunts / Ghost Hunting Nights 

Ghost Hunts at Sheffield Fire Museum With Paranormal Eye UK 

Ghost hunting at this eerie building can leave guests shivers down their spines.

Sheffield Fire and Police Museum have so many reported ghosts, which include a young pickpocket in the fire station, in the police station and cells an angry male spirit has been encountered on numerous occasions; guests often report a feeling of being watched by him, he stamps up and down the corridor where people can hear him. One of the most famous spirits in the Fire & Police Museum is a man called Cain. Even though he likes to make himself known, he also has an angry side. He has been known to throw items, especially when people enter the cell, which he was once in while he was alive. Ghost hunts in the cells have produced excellent results, with dark shadows and ghostly figures witnessed.

Sheffield's Old Fire and Police station has a long and daunting history of paranormal activity, making this haunted location an extremely interesting and intriguing building to investigate. Dating back to Victorian times, the building was a shared fire and police station; The old original police cells here can be a truly terrifying experience. Paranormal Eye ghost hunters here have experienced some terrifying Poltergeist activity which is more common in the cell area as are unexplained shadows, cold spots and extreme temperature drops.

In other areas raised voices have been heard coming from empty rooms. If you are looking for a unique ghost hunting experience at a haunted location then look no further than joining us at the historic and very haunted Sheffield Fire and Police Museum where you will be a part of vigils, seances and many other experiments plus investigate alone to find out who or what is haunting this location. Face your fears and join the paranormal eye team today and be part of this intense ghost hunt.

The History of Sheffield Fire Museum 

The museum is located in one of Yorkshire’s first purpose-built combined Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations dating back to 1898. This fantastic building houses over 45 vehicles relating to the world’s Emergency Services, from Horse Drawn Fire Engines to Ambulances and from Police Cars to Mines Rescue!

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