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St Catherine`s  Hospital - Doncaster Ghost Hunts 

St Catherine`s former hospital is a truly fantastic location for any ghost hunter, steeped in history and many untold stories; this location has been prevalent and is a paranormal haven. Many people feel watched by unseen eyes; spend the night inside this haunted and creepy location.

Ghost hunts here at the former hospital are certainly not for the faint-hearted! Strange unexplained mists and fogs appear from nowhere in the long, daunting upper floor corridors. Doors have been heard slamming shut, the sound of large panes of glass breaking and upon investigating, the building is empty, and nothing is out of place. People have reported being pushed and shoved in the daunting cellar; tables are also said to move. Can you face your fears and enter this old haunted hospital? 

History Of St Catherine's Hospital 

St Catherine’s Former Hospital was initially built as a family manor house; the Banks Family owned the home for approximately 100 years. The house was sold on the 18th July 1928, complete with its contents. To this day, some of the original furniture still stands in this building.

This beautiful manor house then became a Mental Institution for those who suffered mental illnesses and disabilities. In those days, this building was ideal as the patients were completely isolated and out of sight from the general public, a secluded location.

In 1845 this building was called Saint Catherine's Institution, and in 1959, as regulations started to change, the building was called Saint Catherine's Hospital. This building today stands on the foundations of the former isolation Hospital.

The Hospital had a psychiatric unit, two children's wards, a chest clinic and a sanatorium for both men and women; the sanatoriums were located away from the other areas. The Kitchen area is still in use to this day.

Unfortunately, this building has seen many deaths take place over the many years.

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