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Ghost Hunts Staffordshire 

Are you looking to do a ghost hunt or within the Staffordshire area? Paranormal Eye Uk Offers some great haunted locations across Staffordshire and the UK. We cater for First-time ghost hunters to experienced ghost hunters. We offer a great range of paranormal events to suit everyone!.

Please see below for haunted places to go ghost hunting in Staffordshire…..

Ghost Hunting In Staffordshire 

Ghost Hunts Staffordshire/ Cannock Ghost Hunts / Bishton Hall Ghost Hunts 

Bishton Hall Ghost Hunts, Cannock Ghost Hunts, Overnight Ghost Hunts

Bishton Hall Staffordshire is a stunning grade II listed building. A once former school that closed indoors In October 2018, now home to Hanson’s Auctioneers. Bishton Hall has so many unexplained happenings from original wooden window shutters Banging, door handles have been heard turning, the feeling of someone walking past you when nobody is present has been reported in the entrance lobby. The feeling of being watched and footsteps heard coming from the former servant’s kitchen, The Laundry area and the cold store. In many of the cellar areas, people refuse to enter alone, and it's no wonder that this was once the bathing and showering area; strange mists and dark shadows had been seen here. The old school rooms can be a daunting place, where many refuse to go alone. Bishton Hall has many stories, and we believe home to so many spirits. More Information 

Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunts, Staffordshire Ghost Hunts

As with many Castles, haunting goes hand in hand. Tutbury Castle is undoubtedly no different in that aspect; ghost hunts here can be a genuinely terrifying experience. People have experienced a tall, dark figure, and many people report that he certainly does make his presence known! The King’s chamber is one of the most haunted parts of the castle. They said to be haunted by a little girl who likes to hold people’s hands and tug their clothes. Orbs and strange lights are often seen in this room. In the hall adjacent to the chamber, people often report feeling faint and convey feelings of being touched. Can you face your fears and join us for a night at this haunted Castle?

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Anzio Army Camp Ghost Hunts, Staffordshire Ghost Hunts

Join the paranormal eye team as we invite you on this ghost hunt at  this incredibly vast and now disused Army Village surrounded by Staffordshire moorland. With so many places to investigate, you could soon find yourself in small numbers, disorientated, in some pretty dark and eerie buildings. Investigate the old accommodation block, army pub, medical and laundry facilities, bunker, old kitchen, and canteen areas. Strange phenomena have been felt here; unexplained cold spots and bangs have left people feeling more than uneasy on-site. Is it the energy left behind by wartime personnel or the surrounding ancient land on which this settlement was built? This will be one frightful night of exploring this disused base!  More Information 

Four Crosses Ghost Hunts, Staffordshire Ghost Hunts

This former 17th Century coaching Inn, built from old ship timbers, is well known for its ghostly encounters in Staffordshire Hundreds of reports of strange occurrences have been reported here over the years, sounds of children crying, glasses flying off the bar shelves, a full-on apparition of a teenage girl has been seen disappearing into a wall, disembodied voices heard up in the attic, to name but a few! Can you face your fears and enter this location after dark? Where you will become the ghost hunter for the night. Join the paranormal eye uk team as we invite you after dark to this strange and eerie haunted inn

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Alton Towers Ghost Hunts, Staffordshire Ghost Hunts, haunt Nights

Ghost hunts at Alton Towers are situated within the theme park like no other. This stunning location is home to many ghosts. Walk in the former footsteps of those who once walked here. Join the paranormal eye as we invite you to be part of this ghost hunt after dark! Disembodied voices are often heard, and many guests have reported seeing full-bodied apparitions. Are you brave enough to enter this vast old haunted location? Join the paranormal eye team for your ghost hunt at this haunted Mansion.

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