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Four Crosses Ghost Hunt, Overnight Ghost Hunts Staffordshire GHost Hunts

Four Crosses Inn Cannock Ghost Hunt 

Four Crosses Inn Ghost Hunts / Staffordshire Ghost Hunts / Overnight Ghost Hunts 

Ghost hunts at The Four Crosses in Cannock are only for the brave and certainly not for those afraid of the dark. This old haunted inn Started as a 17th Century Coaching Inn. This eerie location has a very dark and sinister past. Many past owners have left this old inn feeling somewhat unnerved, and some have vowed never to return. There have been numerous ghostly sightings here, heavy footsteps, and sudden temperature changes in the icy cold. Your ghost hunt at this haunted Inn will undoubtedly make you leave you in no doubt that there is certainly something strange about this location, as many guests have witnessed the severity of this haunting. Are you ready to become a real ghost hunter for the night? Join the paranormal eye uk team as we invite you into the haunted four crosses after dark.

History Of The Four Crosses Inn

The Four Crosses was initially built in 1636 from old shipping timbers almost 1000 years old. Several secret passages have been discovered over the years, and even more, are still to be unearthed. Perhaps the most astonishing find has been the Old Coachman’s uniform, preserved for over 150 years behind the chimney breast and with a haunting story attached to it. This building is undoubtedly steeped in intrigue and has many levels of tragedy.

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