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The Hind Hotel Ghost Hunts 

Northampton Ghost Hunts 

The Hind Hotel was formerly headquarters for Oliver Cromwell and officers prior to the Battle of Naseby in 1645. Ghost hunts at The Hind Hotel have left many guests wanting more ! there has been ghostly sightings of  monks, small children, a woman in white knocking on doors before disappearing, a Victorian woman appearing to be looking for someone and a man dressed in the uniform of an officer from the English Civil War. Can you face your fears and be part of this ghost hunt with the Paranormal Eye Team. 

History of The Hind Hotel 

The Hind Hotel was a 17th century coaching inn and was a resting point for a large contingent of Oliver Cromwell’s Army before marching into battle at nearby Naseby in 1645. The generals met at The Hind to discuss strategy before the great battle. Indeed it is reputed that Cromwell stayed at The Hind.

In “A History of Wellingborough” by Joyce and Maurice Palmer it notes that “A thousand things has the old Hind seen. Once it sheltered corn-dealers, before the Corn Exchange was built and swallowed up many a coach-and-four into its inner yard, giving shelter to weary travellers and the delivery of mails. It has seen the pulling down of the Cross, the Old White Swan and the Butcher Row. It has offered asylum to the emancipated voters and kept out the mob until the Cavalry came...