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Haunted Museum Nottingham Ghost Hunts

The Old Cinema Nottingham Ghost Hunt 

The Old Cinema Ghost Hunts / Nottingham Ghost Hunts 

The Old Cinema Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye Uk 

Ghost hunts here can be rather exciting and can be a frightful experience. The Old Majestic Cinema is now known as the haunted Museum and has been investigated on many occasions; there have been reports of full-bodied apparitions seen, poltergeist activity and dark, eerie mists. This location has many old objects that we know will hold so much residential energy, and we believe this will be a night bursting with many spirits wanting to communicate. Are you ready to unlock this old Cinema and join us on an exciting evening?

The old Cinema was once part of a local community with many visitor days walking through its doors. It was built in 1929, and this Old Cinema was a trendy destination and meeting place for many locals. Its closure in 1957 saw it being turned into a furniture store until it finally closed its doors in 2012 and since then has been left abandoned.

With its dark corridors and bricked up rooms and a spooky auditorium that makes you have all Goosebumps, the Old Cinema does have it all when it comes to being part of a ghost hunt. There have been many reports of people feeling watched, touched, and some reports of being grabbed. Being overlooked is evident as soon as you enter the reception area, where you will also discover some macabre and sinister-looking haunted objects. Venture deeper into the auditorium area, and even when it is noisy, there is still a powerful feeling that somebody or something else is with you. The Voodoo doll named Esther, which rests in its glass case, seems to observe your every move whilst other objects of a strange nature make you feel very wary.

Downstairs in the basement, there are dark and derelict rooms to investigate, and as you go up the stairs, you can see a blocked-up area where a door would have been. Further up the stairs, there are many areas where ghostly activity has been witnessed. People have often felt that they have been touched, and others have complained that they feel as if somebody or something is standing beside them.

History Of The Old Cinema 

The Majestic Cinema in Nottingham was once the centre of a thriving community. Built in 1929, it was the epicentre of socialising and a popular destination. Its closure in 1957 saw it being turned into a furniture store until it finally closed its doors in 2012 and since then has been left abandoned. Now the building is home to the haunted Museum again, with many visitors entering through its doors

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