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Nottingham Ghost HUnts, The Village Ghost Hunts

The Village Mansfield Ghost Hunts 

The Village Mansfield Ghost Hunts / Nottingham Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights 

The Village Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK 

Overnight Ghost Hunts at The Village in Mansfield can be a great ghost hunting experience; this old building is set in the heart of Mansfield. Ghost hunts here at the sinister building include ghostly shadows and mists, many guests reporting being grabbed, drastic sudden cold spots and the uneasy feeling of being watched. Many believe men, women and children haunt this location. There have been disturbing reports of a piano ben heard playing by itself. There have been many sightings at The Village. Some of the ghosts picked up here are a Mr Merryweather, the owner of the Malt Houses until he died in 1835. He has been seen in the Village by volunteers who were painting here before its reopening in 2013. The CCTV footage shows nobody was there, but they all swore that they saw the figure of a man. Many psychics have also picked up on Merryweather, which was not well documented. Catherine’s name has also been mentioned, which many groups have picked up on during investigations here. She is thought to have been murdered at The Village along with her child. Many people have heard the sounds of a baby crying in the lower rooms. Are you ready to join the paranormal eye team on this overnight ghost hunt?

The History Of The Village Mansfield 

The Village is a reputedly haunted grade 1 listed building that was once a former slaughterhouse - which then became a Malt House in the 1800s.

This property was abandoned for over 12 years and had only recently reopened its doors again in 2013 after being used as a nightclub venue in the 80s, and 90’s.

This very haunted building, which is fast becoming a must-do location for all avid ghost hunters, has given some impressive phenomena. Very recently the figure of a man has been seen dressed in what seemed to be a large apron - witnesses reported that the man was stood still just staring at them through the doorway - before he turned and walked away into the darkness - upon checking the CCTV for signs of an intruder nothing could be found!

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