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Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunts, Derbyshire Ghost Hunts

Tutbury Castle  Ghost Hunts Derbyshire 

As with many Castles, haunting`s go hand in hand. Tutbury Castle is undoubtedly no different in that aspect; ghost hunts here can be a genuinely terrifying experience. People have experienced a tall, dark figure, and many people report that he certainly does make his presence known! The King’s chamber is one of the most haunted parts of the castle. Said to be haunted by a little girl who likes to hold people’s hands and tug their clothes. Orbs and strange lights are often seen in this room. In the hall adjacent to the chamber, people often report feeling faint and convey feelings of being touched. The question is can you face your fears and join us for a night at this haunted Castle?

Tutbury Castle has its many residential ghosts. The Keeper Wearing a full suit of armour and behaving in a manner that might best be described as authoritative; this ghostly figure has been seen stepping out in John of Gaunt’s Gateway.

Mary Queen of Scots

Tutbury was Mary’s most hated prison. She suffered much at Tutbury and was at the Castle as a captive of Elizabeth 1st on four occasions.

She was seen all in white by some Her Majesty’s services members. In 2004, at approximately midnight, she was seen standing at the top of the South Tower by over 40 men – in the form of a figure dressed in a pure white gown. They all just laughed when they saw her – believing the Curator was teasing them by putting on an Elizabethan gown as a joke.

When it was pointed out that curator Lesley Smith does not have a white gown, and neither do any other Elizabethan enactors who work at the Castle, the men were profoundly disturbed by this sighting – a significant sighting as there were so many who saw her. She was also seen rapidly crossing the grass one hot afternoon in 1984 by a serving Marine.

History Of Tutbury Castle 

History shows Tutbury Castle has stood since 1071 at least, which is round about the time the Normans began building many castles across the country, to establish their authority over the people. Since its construction it had played a significant part in the history of England, both in peace, and war!

Perhaps the most famous of all the historical facts relating to Tutbury, is the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots. She was held captive here on four separate occasions, and it was here were the plot that inevitably led to her death was conceived.

The de Ferrers family lived here for a time when the castle was used as wapentake. The castle was later the seat of the earls and dukes of Lancaster. During this time Tutbury was one of the great centres of power. It was a popular destination for royalty including many English Kings. It was also the home of the great John of Gaunt, 2nd Duke of Lancaster, whose descendants included many Kings, such as Henry IV his son, Henry V, his grandson, and his great grandson, Henry VI. During his life John, was not only one of the richest men of his era, but also one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived. Taking into consideration inflation, he would be worth £69 billion in today’s economy.

It has suffered several sieges in the past, which resulted in the castle being destroyed and rebuilt many times. It was to suffer one last blow in 1647, when Parliament ordered the castle to be destroyed, after holding out for Charles I during the Civil War. However, the castle wasn’t completely destroyed and the remains are what you can see today.

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