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Warwickshire Ghost Hunts 

Authentic Warwickshire Ghost Hunt 

at Paranormal Eye UK

Do you believe in ghosts? Get ready for an authentic Warwickshire ghost hunt that will take you to some of the UK's creepiest, haunted, paranormal spots. Sometimes, just being in an old building during the darkness of night is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Famous Warwickshire Haunted Locations

Are you ready to get spooked? Nothing says excitement like exploring some of the most haunted locations in Warwickshire, UK, at night. Under the guidance of our paranormal team, you’ll get up close to Warwickshire’s deep history and all the eerie feelings that go along with it.

Ghost Hunt at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle has over 1,100 years of history. It is said that a ghost roams the halls in the famous Warwick dungeon, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Sir Fulke Greville in the Watergate Tower.

Ghost Hunt at St Johns Museum

St Johns Museum (St Johns Mansion) has a 900-year history full of eeriness. This Jacobean mansion sits on 12th-century hospital grounds and has been used as a home, school, and office for the War Department. Several paranormal sightings have been reporting, including poltergeist activity.

Ghost Hunt at Guys Cliffe Warwick

Guy’s Cliffe is an ancient, Gothic mansion that is still used as a Masonic lodge to this day. There are many spooky areas to explore, such as the wine cellar, basement, and ruins. A ghost hunt at Guy’s Cliffe is nothing short of fascinating.

Ghost Hunt at Old Shire Hall Warwick

The Old Shire Hall was built in 1750 and is used as a wedding venue today. However, it is known to be a haunted location in the Midlands, no matter how elegant it may seem. A ghost hunt here is both magical and frightening.

Ghost Hunt at Falstaff`s Stratford upon Avon

Also known as the Falstaff Experience, this haunted location is nestled on Stratford Upon Avon. Ghost hunts at Falstaffs can be intense. People have reported a wide range of experiences, such as hearing whispers and heavy footsteps.

Ghost Hunt at St Mary’s Guildhall

Experience a ghost hunt at St Mary’s Guildhall, and you might encounter the legendary praying monk. A photo of the apparition was snapped in 1985 at a dinner party which sparked the attention of ghost hunters everywhere.

Ghost Hunt at Alcester Town Hall

Built in the 1600s as a marketplace, Alcester Town Hall serves as the town centre of Alcester in Warwickshire. This location is particularly haunted because of its long war history.

Warwickshire Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Hunting in Warwickshire with Paranormal Eye UK

Experience the thrilling and mystical power of an overnight ghost hunt with Paranormal Eye UK. Our paranormal events are open to the public in select locations- Warwickshire being one of our favourites.

We welcome you to join us and dive deep into the art, science, and thrill of ghost hunting. Our team has led paranormal ghost hunts for 8 years. And no matter what’s going on, each quest is always a unique and truly amazing experience. Check out our upcoming events and help us lift the veil on the unseen. 

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