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York Dungeons Ghost Hunts, York Ghost Nights

York Dungeons York Ghost Hunts 

York Dungeons Ghost Hunts / York Ghost Hunts / Ghost Nights 

York Dungeons Ghost Hunts With Paranormal Eye UK 

Ghost hunts at this eerie location are only for the brave! Reputed as haunted, this location is rife with ghostly happenings. York Dungeons were once the city's law courts administering justice to the hardened criminals in the town; however, this building has had many uses over the years. During the day, there are many visitors and many report strange unexplained happenings. There are many reports of a man seen wandering through the long dark, chilling corridors, Unexplained icy cold chilling breath can be felt, and strange mists appear from nowhere. A. A workman also carried out his duties in the location and fled after he said unforeseen hands tried to pull him off his ladder. This vast location is a hive for paranormal activity.

The Previous caretaker is said to be one of the many that haunt these chilling dungeons deep below the City of York, there have been many sightings of what people report to be monks, and on some occasions, there has been wanting sounds like monks chanting heard. This is believed to be the Monks who were part of the Greyfriars, or some think it’s those that belonged to the Friary of the order of Franciscans. There have also been strange growls and cries coming from this vast location. Can you face your fears and enter this expansive location in pitch black? Join the paranormal eye team on this overnight ghost hunt.

History Of York Dungeons 

Buried deep beneath the streets of York is the most horrifying museum in the north of England. York Dungeon is a journey through the past of York - the dark, terrifying past.

York Dungeon was opened in 1986 at 12 Clifford Street, York, England. It was the second Dungeon attraction created, the first being the London Dungeon in 1975. Like the London Dungeon, it was designed as a live-action interactive horror show loosely based on factual historical events.

As part of a £3.5 million investment across Dungeons, a new feature opened in 1997 showcasing tales of the 'Lost Roman legion' in York. Further additions and expansions continued with a Plague section encounter in a Plague doctor's surgery. 2002 saw the opening of 'Gorvik' (the name a pun on 'Gorvik', the king’s name for York), which detailed the Viking history of the city and brutal attacks from Viking forces. Other attractions included the Torture Chamber, The Gunpowder Plot, Dick Turpin, and the Courtroom. 2003 saw the arrival of the Witch Trials that detailed the witch trials in York through a detailed set and animatronics. This area subsequently became the 'Ghosts of York' show in 2007.

Like London, the Dungeon evolved from a museum to an actor-led actor-lede over time. The Dungeon remains the smallest of the dungeons chain.

The Dungeon has been subject to severe flooding numerous times due to its proximity to the River Ouse. This occurred in 2001, 2004 and twice in 2012, leading to a complete refurbishment. 

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